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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 30, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight promises to be the biggest and most important night of this convention.
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mitt romney is set to take stotr to the stage to accept his party's nomination for president and for what he hopes to be the speech of his lifetime. at least 100,000 blobs are set to fall as the former massachusetts governor brings down the house and we am check in with mitt romney's brother scott, just moments before the governor takes to the stage. and we will hear from governor sarah palin, rick pery and nikki haley and ann coulter and juan williams will be in the sky box. but first, former new york city mayor, rude rue. you are a rock star. >> i love it here. see all my old friends. when i campaigned for george bush and john mccain and who knows how many other people, you know everybody. >> sean: certain excerpts have been released that we will hear tonight. one thing that really caught my attention -- i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. but his programs gateway to
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disappointment and division and this is not something we have to accept. we can do something. >> i think that's a very positive message. i mean, i think it's very sincere. like mitt, i hoped he succeeded. i didn't support him. once he got elected, we hoped he succeeded. but by his own measure of himself, he's a failure. his stimulus, almost $1 trillion, is going to bring unemployment down. unemployment's the highest since the great depression. he will create growth -- he hasn't created growth. he said he wouldn't run for re-election. >> sean: he said it was a one-term proposition. >> he doesn't keep his promises. >> sean: he goes on to say, with your help, we do something. now's the moment we can stand up. i'm an american, this is destiny. we deserve better, our family deserves better, our children deserve better, our country
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deserves better. >> that's the right theme. a lot of people have projected obama's presidency. we have some who are in the middle. i think the undecideds are more available to mitt romney than they are to barack obama. mitt romney grabs them, gets them and tells them i'm a much more alternative. he is trying to say, look, you are undecided for a reason, because this guy hasn't done a good job. so give me a chance. give me an opportunity. i have a more positive way of approaching? >> he is talking about looking ahead, restoring the promise of america and america's future. in some ways, if there has been any criticism at all, there hasn't been more, quote attacks against the president. >> right. i don't know that he has to attack the president. what he has to do is to create a big picture of america. a ronald reagan picture of america. barack obama, like jimmy carter, has presented a minimalist picture of america, what we can't do, how we have to lower
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our expectations. that's not the american spirit. that's not the spirit of this convention. they want to lawyer -- and they are right -- we can conquer the future, we are the greatest country in the history of the world. we can take on any challenge. of course, we are going to have to pear back the spending. i think that's the theme that will work for him. paul ryan and chris christie started that theme with their speeches. i think-- we will get into paul ryan in just a second here. one more line from what we expect, the excerpts that were released. he will say tonight, the majority of americans now believe that the future will not be better than the past. i guarantee you this, that a barack obama is re-elected, you will be right. >> when i became mayor of new york city, 68% of the people in new york city wanted to leave and 78% thought things couldn't get better. and even with september 11, those numbers were flipped
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around. 70% wanted to live there. yes, you can do it. you can. this is not rocket science. it's put more money into the hands of private people and get them to spend the money and they will create the jobs. >> sean: one of the narratives that has really emerged. i know that governor christie is a close friend of yours. we have christie and kasich in ohio and walkener wisconsin i. what a bench! >> sean: nikki haley. >> governor martinez. we have people coming out of the woodwork, who are great governors, great senators. what do they have? they have charlie christ. [laughter] >> sean: they have taken deficits -- >> who got thrown out of office here. >> sean: they have taken deficits and turned them into surplus and jobs are coming back. they have created the model, the paradigm. >> if they use that team correctly, he can say to the american people, on a smaller scale, each one of these governors did what barack obama
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failed to do by following a formula that goes back to reagan, what have you to do is reduce government, get it to eye reasonable size and take the money from the reduction and put it into private hands. >> sean: that happened as the mayor of new york. >> i wish i invent touchdown but i followed that formula. within 2 years, we were seeing tremendous economic growth. >> sean: do you think tell take -- how long it will take before americans can expect the 25 million americans that are out of work, the 1 in 6 americans in poverty, how soon do you think i. i think you are going to see movement in the first couple of months and real progress within a year. i think there is going to be a boon and it will be false optimism because people have been sitting back for so long, sitting on money, don't want to invest or expand their businesses. they would be stupid to do it because they don't know what the future holds. some businesses want to hear a
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nice word -- you're okay, you are not a crook. you really did build it. it's okay. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. >> good job. >> sean: as we continue -- >> take care of yourself in charlotte. >> sean: yeah. [laughter] >> sean: a busy night on "hannity." coming up, the speech that everybody has been waiting for. republican presidential nominee, mitt romney will take to the stage and address the delegates right here. but first, we are joined by ann coulter, david limbaugh and rick peri, nikki haley and governor sarah palin and an exclusive interview with the brother of mitt romney, as "hannity" continues live from the republican national convention. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are live at the republican national convention in tamp aflorida, where everyone is eagerly awaiting mitt romney's speech tonight. joining me, my all-star great american panel, david limbaugh, fox news political analyst, hop williams and the author of demonic, ann coulter. thanks for being with us. we just previewed with mayor giuliani what we are going to hear tonight. i want to go back to last night. i think there were devastating lines by soon-to-be vice-president -- i am glad
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juan's in a good mood. >> deal with it. >> sean: we will have to deal with it next week. i think he used a lot of humor. when he went on to say about the president -- i think it's one of the most under utilized weapons, he drew blood and went in and said, i have never seen an opponent so silent about their record, so desperate to keep their power. they have run out of ideas. their moment came, their moment went. fear and division, that's all they have left. that's the case i have been making. that's what i have been saying, juan? >> both sides have shown a lot of dirtiness. if the argument is that they have no record to run on, i think that's too extreme-- no new jobs. >> 28 months -- the question is can we create jobs at a level to compensate for the big hole that president obama inherited-- oh! >> there is a reason that he is
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talking about mitt romney's tax returns, about abortion, about corporate laws -- [laughter] -- talk about anything. this is the worst recovery. we are not in a recession, the recovery is worse than the recession. they don't want to talk about that. >> he has a great record to run from. so it's the worst recovery in 50 years. in fact, recoveries are inversely proportional to recessions. >> how bad the recession was, right. >> this should explode. by the way, it will explode when romney's elected. we'll see growth like we haven't seen in 10 years. >> sean: this is a serious issue. we have kids that go off to college. they get a degree and they do everything we expect hem to do and they come back and go right back to the room they grew up in, staring at faded posters of obam a. 1 in 6 americans in poverty. 25 million americans not working. fewer than when he become
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president. >> those are realities. there isn't any getting away from it. but there are fundamental shifts in the american economy and the global economy for that matter. and by the way, i think a lot of these big hedge funds haven't helped-- big ledge funds. >> of people who send jobs overseas hasn't help. >> sean: stand by. we are going to come back with our panel. at the podium is one of the first people to urge governor romney to run a presidential campaign, his runningmate as governor, the former lieutenant governor of massachusetts. kerry halley. >> the full spectrum of ideas and advice. he respected different opinions. he valued open debate. and when it was all said and done, mitt romney knew how to make a decision. [cheers and applause] >> governor romney did what many thought was impossible. he turned around a $3 billion
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budget gap and created a $2 billion rainy day fund. he even worked to streamline government but at the same time made certain to safeguard protections for the elderly, children and the homeless. in education, governor romney gave parents more choices, insisted on tough standards for both teachers and students and massachusetts schools became the best in the nation. >> sean: ann coulter, let me give you a chance to respond to the issue. i assume every kid graduates from college, they want to go home and stare at the faded posters of president obama and light a candle. >> it's the one very high, extraordinary unemployment rate that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh because they all voted for obama. >> sean: in other words, they fell into the trap and he didn't deliver. >> i mean, i think we ought to raise the voting age.
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you can't drink until you are 21. we don't have a draft. why are we letting infant vote? their brains aren't fully formed. they can't be responsible for their own health insurance until they are 25. >> you know you are talking to someone who thinks women shouldn't vote since they are so strongly in favor of obam amount of i would let your son vote and you not vote. your nice republican son. >> obama has promised hope. he gave us hopelessness. he promised growth, he gave us stagnation. he has his boot on the throat of the private sector. you talk about structural change. >> we had great growth under president bush. democrats were saying it's terrible structure all. we -- structurally. it's his policies. this economy would recover itself if we would get the government out of the way. >> i want to hear mitt romney's speech tonight. i don't think we can accentuate enough how important this speech is.
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we have been hearing lots of introductions. but really, what are his ideas for getting that economy? he will lay out a five-point plan. >> i'm all for it. >> sean: most of it. >> i think he could fall on his face. he's still going to win. >> that confident? >> he chose ryan, which shows he is going to take on these entitlements. that's great news. >> sean: is the mood of the american people now serious that they understand the severity, the difficulty, the challenges, we are robbing our kids and grandkids. >> kijust correct ow something? all of this business about robbing our kids and grandkids, medicare is bankrupt for anyone 45 years old now -- every dollar now i. it's not like global warming that will hit a thousand years from now. it is hitting 45 years old and younger. >> it is not working. these ads are not effective. wait until romney's money is unleashed, which is coming up
9:18 pm
very soon, i don't think they can make the case. it's already bankrupt. if we do nothing, nobody will get anything. it has to be reform. i can't believe he's making the case, obam athat we are destroying the old people and the middle-income people. >> sean: it's been the worst campaign i have ever seen. hope and change, smear and slander. >> yeah. >> it's going to get worse. the next 10 weeks, we are going to see what i think is the dirtiest campaign ever-- we already saw it. >> oh, it's just the democrats-- give me an example -- [overlapping dialogue] >> with all of this business about "we built it...." >> they even said on the radio -- >> this is ridiculous. >> welfare. >> he wants to give everybody welfare. how ridiculous -- >> he is expanding the welfare -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the context of that statement is worse. >> sean: i could keep the panel all night. but we have to run. >> i am so happy to be here. >> sean: a "hannity" exclusive, scott romney shares his
9:19 pm
perspective on his brother's run for the presidency. and rick peri, and south carolina governor nikki haley and governor sarah palin join me as we eagerly await mitt romney's critical speech and we get remarks from clint eastwood and marco rubio, all coming up. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we eagerly await mitt romney's address, i am here with scott romney. welcome to the program. >> it's a thrill to be here, sean. >> sean: it's a big night, obviously, for and you your family. i am sure you are very proud. any stories about mitt growing up. you could break some news. i am sure there are one or two
9:23 pm
that i haven't gotten out thri. he's a remarkable leader. he's been a great brother to me, as well. when i was sick, he is the one who did the research to figure out what i needed to do. he has been there in every troubled situation in my life. >> sean: leading up to tonight and 100,000-plus balloons that will be dropped right behind me at this convention tonight, behind this has been a pretty difficult campaign in terms of hope and change, becoming a little bit of smear and slander. you have heard the attacks against your brother. your reaction? >> i think that mitt will inspire us all tonight. he has inspired so many people during his life and provided leadership and opportunity in everything he's dfnl he has learned how it fix everything. when he was a kid, he could fix all the things at our house. my dad couldn't and he ran an auto company. mitt is the guy who can fix everything. he can fix the country. i think this will inspire americans tonight. >> sean: what about the characterizations of your brother as, even though he
9:24 pm
created and saved jobs and served as the governor of massachusetts, working on the olympics, when you hear these attacks, when you hear these characterizations and the false narrative about your brother, does it get you angry? get mad or motivate you? >> sometimes, i find them astonishing. but i always believe in the american people. they will see the greatness of this man, that he is a trustworthy, honest, wonderful person, he's been a great father. done wonderfully everywhere he's been. i expect they will see the goodness of him will come through. >> sean: all right. i'm sure it's a proud night for and you your family. >> thank you so much. >> sean: joining us now, a one-time opponent of romney for the nomination of the great state of texas, governor perry is here. >> everything is good in the great state of texas. >> sean: things are pretty good in the states where republican governors are. >> that was a recurring theme
9:25 pm
tuesday night. >> sean: really was. >> the republican governors across the country and what they are doing. it was a proud moment for all of us who are involved in making sure that our state has the freedom to be able to make those decisions. we talk about the 10th amendment. it's one of the things that governor romney because he was a governor and paul ryan -- being able to push those powers back to the states. i full well expect them to be great, powerful, passionate believers in the 10th amendment and allow the states to function as laboratories of innovation. >> sean: it's part of the romney, you know, health care plan. >> indeed, it is. >> sean: whether there would be more innovation, dealing with the individual problems. one of the things he referred to is barack obama had his moment and his moment passed. >> the most powerful part of the speech. >> sean: why do you say. that? >> particularly the 20 and 30 yearly people who can relate --
9:26 pm
a young man, a bright, capable fella, intelligent and articulate and they know that this president has been a failed president. and he had the opportunity. they had such hope for him. hope and change. 2008, they believed it, they bought into it and it's been a failure. congressman ryan appropriately-- it's interesting because one of the things that governor romney will say tonight, i brought this up with mayor giuliani, i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. >> absolutely. >> sean: why do you think the president -- why do you think the president has said he would cut the deficit in half, gave us $5 trillion in debt and said he would create job, has lost jobs. >> i don't think this president has the experience of working in congress. i don't think he ever had -- a background of reaching across the aisle to work with people twho disagreeed with him and because of that inexperience, he
9:27 pm
allowed special interest groups to come in and guide him to bad decisions, especially on the economic stuff. the american people had great hope for him. they wanted so much for him to be is successful and he failed. >> sean: to me, it's dramatic how they looked at the video and then to see the campaign today. is that why they can't talk about their record? >> they don't have one-- are you surprised how negative the campaign has gone? >> not at all. i think that's the only thing that they see. one of the great concerns that i have as a governor of a state and as a father of young, you know, young americans, is that this president will do anything to win. i greatly fear the federal reserve starting to ease up on the quantitative side of things and start printing money in september to try to get a bump
9:28 pm
out of that stock market, just for the sole purpose of wing the election, not thinking about the disastrous impact long term on the economy and in turn, the economy of the world. >> sean: what do you think when you look at the electoral map. they have california, new york, new jersey, oregon, washington. when you look at the swing states, michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania -- >> missouri. >> sean: a lot of big states. how do you feel about the election? >> i think we are going to win this election. hiconcerns coming into this convention, but this has been the most powerful convention, it's been the most passionate convention since 2000 and may rival 200. we were in the wilderness for 8 years and we so wanted to win with george w. bush. and that was a powerful convention. i feel that here.
9:29 pm
it is a powerful-- you feel the difference between 2008 special this one? >> oh, great difference. i wasn't at the 2008, when we had a hurricane. bobby jindal, keep him in your prayers, he's got another one. but another great example of run governors putting it on the line, taking care of their citizens. he's there, back home, looking after his citizens. that's what republican gofers. >> sean: appreciate you being here. >> you're welcome, sean. >> sean: coming up, we are keeping a close eye on the stainless steel, awaiting mitt romney's acceptance speech. by the way, along with clint eastwood, marco rubio's remarks, right here on the fox newschannel. coming up next, nikki haley and governor sarah palin will be my guest as we continue from the republican national convention.
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>> sean: the republican nomination for president, joining me now, a governor who has been very outspoken in terms of being a romney supporter since the beginning, nikki haley, the governor of south carolina. >> how are you. >> sean: the governors played a very big role from this convention. >> because the governors have had to do things in spite of washington. we have had to balance our budgets. we have to cut and fix our deficits. we have to make sure we have done something about obe unemployment. >> sean: one thing the governor's going to say tonight, he had four years, very similar to what paul ryan said last night. they didn't get the job done in four years. they had the columns and the promises and the teleprompter speeches, why do you say that president obama -- [inaudible]. >> they took us backwards and dropped the credit rating. the unemployment's worse. it's because he believed that government fixes everything.
9:34 pm
what we found is that government is not the answer. government is the problem. and mitt romney realizes it. >> sean: what do you think of the line paul ryan used last night? you know, he said, i have never seen an opponent so silent about their record. that was a pretty stinging indictment. >> i have never seen a president so silent about what they did to bowing in charleston. every time we needed him, he was silent. every time we needed him, he wasn't there. he should have spent the next 70 days talksing -- talking about distractions-- by the way, i believe the olympians have entered the stage behind us. i can't see from here who they are. >> those people saw firsthand what mitt romney did at the olympics. >> sean: those were the ones in salt lake city. >> they worked with him-- there are 11 who were there. >> that's right. an amazing group of people. >> sean: well, there is a goalie
9:35 pm
from the -- the 1980 dream team. this was an amazing moment. you can hear the chants of u. u.s.a. >> that was one of the greatest hockey moments i have ever witnessed. i don't know if you grew up with hockey. >> look at that. it doesn't get any more american than that. >> sean: you remember when the goalie was looking and looking up into the crowd after they -- remember they beat the soviet union and they had one more match to win, in fact, they won it and it was a great moment. very similar, wasn't it? 1980 when the olympics happened. america was in a malaise. we had a downturn, 21 1/2% interest rate, inplagues and unemployment out of control. you can turn it around. is it more difficult now, in your view? >> this country has an ability to self correct. but it takes courage of the people to realize when that needs to happen. >> we have had four years of something that has not gone well. we have had the ability to
9:36 pm
self-correct. i think president romney will be able to do it because he spent the last four years thinking about what should have happened that didn't happen. >> sean: of all the ideas tonight, he has five very sprveg thing, the one that stands as the most important for me has to do with energy. i look to the state of north dacoat a. 3% unemployment. people are flocking from trght states to get job there is, fracking in pennsylvania. he said he would allow more drilling in the u.s., more coal mining. how important is that? >> very important, the state of south carolina and the state of virginia have said, we want off-shore drilling. we will want to make our state successful. president obama continues to say no. this is a president who isn't going to make us energy independent in 8 years. it's more important now than ever. >> sean: if you look forward to next week, you know, what do you expect to see the democrats' national convention? he can't say he rated aion. he can't say he cut the deficit
9:37 pm
in half. what case does the president make for four more years? >> he brings in an old democratic rock star in bill clinton to talk about the bill clinton years to deflect from the fact that he is doing anything. >> sean: we will go back to the... that was from the 1980 hockey team. as the crowd chants u-s-a, u-s-a. >> good evening. i'm michael ruzioni. and i am honored to have this opportunity tonight to talk with you about the global significance of the olympic movement, its ideals and its meaning and how it was rescued by mitt romney. hadt has been over 10 years, so many of you may have forgoteb, but in 2002, due to bribery scandals and mismanage pledget, the olympics -- not just those
9:38 pm
games, but the olympics as an institution were threatened. thankfully, mitt romney was there to salvage a desperate situation. mitt's leadership not only turned around those games by solving the operational and financial problems, but he did something deeper. he drew a line in the sand and said that the 20 02 games would have the highest standards of ethics and integrity. [cheers and applause] he put olympians and the ideals of the athletes back at the center of the game. he focused on restoring the olympics to the top pedastal of sports and preserved the opportunity and idealism of the olympics for future generations. i was fortunate to compete in the olympics as captain of the 1980 u.s. miracle on ice hockey team. [cheering]
9:39 pm
>> thank you. and that team -- and that team was proud and honored. so like the cal dron for the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city, that action of passing along the flame of the olympic spirit symbolizes something grander than all of us. it is the single greatest movement that brings all humans across the world together. we are all fortunate that mitt romney kept that fire burning. as a result of the 2002 olympics, i had the opportunity to get to know mitt and ann romney and to see what they have accomplished. mitt is a brilliant leader who is commit to the highest ideals and he is a wonderful and caring family man. just like the olympics needed mitt's leadership 10 years ago, america desperately needs mitt
9:40 pm
romney's leadership today. >> sean: there we have it. many olympians deliver speeches. do you remember that, the miracle on ice? do you remember that? do you unbelievable miracles? >> that is so cool. that's just one of the success stories of mitt romney. >> sean: paul ryan brought this up last night. being successful, when did that become pejorative in america? >> only in the last four years, when the president decided that you were guilty if you were successful. i know from what my parents said and what you will hear marco rube scbroa everybody else, that's why why our parents came here, this was the country that you could be successful in. >> sean: your life is a testament to that. has the focus shifted away from the superfluous, the diversion and it is daily attacks?
9:41 pm
do you think they have been able to refocus on we can fix the economy. we will offer not slogans and stickers but solutions. >> i think this has been an unusual convention in that haven't just talked about what they are going to do, but they have talked about what they have done and what president obama hasn't done. this is the year of courage, where everybody person has to find five people who voted for president obama and say, we need you to vote for mitt romney. i think the independent vote will turn around and say we can't have four more years of this. >> sean: governor, thank you so much. >> thank thank you. >> sean: as we await the speech of governor mitt romney and marco rubio and clint eastwood will be taking the stage shortly. and they will have an introductory bio video that we will be covering. but first, former governor, sarah palin. four years ago, she was on that stage herself. fox news contributor, governor, we wish you were here. how are you? >> i'm doing great, thank you so much, sean. i am glad you are there.
9:42 pm
>> sean: let's go back. it was four years ago, last night, not exactly to the day that you gave your speech at the republican convention. what did you think of paul ryan's speech last night? >> well, it was four years ago last night that i was introduced as john mccain's runningmate. i am so extremely proud and honored to have accepted the nomination then a couple of days later from the republican party. but that's a chapter now that obviously has been closed and that was closed last night when the next g.o.p. v.p. nominee took the stage and promised americans that he would fight for the exceptionalism that many of us expect in our government leaders. i was very proud of paul ryan and pleased with the words that he had to say and just can't wait until, you know, 68, 69 days from now when we get to turn this car around, as
9:43 pm
president obama would say, turn this car around that is heading us down a road to bankruptcy and get on an economic path that lead toss disproim prosperity. >> sean: one of the things obviously that happen and impacted the campaign in 2008 was the financial crisis that hit just before the election. there has been a financial crisis, pretty much ever since. fewer americans working, more debt, greater deficit. in that sense, when you look back, do you think that had a greater impact than perhaps other people know? >> it was the most impacting aspect of the race, in 2008, with the economic collapse that happened in september. and there was nothing really that a g.o.p. ticket could do to turn around people's ideas of what the mainstream media was telling them and that was that it was all the republicans' fault, there in washington, d.c. and don't elect a republican ticket or we will get more of
9:44 pm
the same. yet, look what happened. people got sucked into believing obama's bogus hope-y, change-y stuff, built on a fantasyland. bill clinton said it best. he said, if this ain't the biggest fairytale he had ever seen-- the whole obama campaign. we did then see in the last four years the manifestation of barack obama's -- his promises that were unfulfilled and now we have an opportunity to do something about it and to hire a new team of leaders to get us out of this mess? >> the governor will promise in his speech that he will create 12 million jobs. he will offer a five-point plan. point number 1 is an issue that is very near and dear to your heart that has to do with energy. and as part of the speech he will say tonight that first by 2020, north america will be energy independentent by taking
9:45 pm
full advantage of oil, coal, gas and renewables. in other words, all of the above. do you think that's a plan towards creating a lot of jobs? >> of course, we can do that. of course, we can do that because this is america. america was built on a foundation of responsible, natural resource development and of an expectation of hard work, of industry. we need to get back to those two principles and jobs in the private sector will be able to be created. yes, energy independence is possible. we have hundreds of billions of barrels of oil and we have untold trillions cubic feet of natural gas, we have more coal than there is oil in saudi arabia. we have so much potential, sean, it is unfortunate that president obama has decided to tap foreign sources of energy, instead of our own god-given sources of energy in order to allow us to reach the energy independence. >> sean: by the way, paul ryan and his wife have just arrived, inside the convention hall,
9:46 pm
sitting in their box, as you can see there on the screen. going to paul ryan's speech last night. he had never seen opponents so silent about their record and so desperate to keep their four power, running out of their ideas and fear and division taking over. i wanted to get your reaction to the general tone that this campaign has taken. governor romney has been accused of causing a woman's cancer, been called a felon. president obama says republicans want dirty air and water and they don't care about kids with autism, down's syndrome. it's been pretty negative. pretty nasty. did this backfire on the democrats and the president? >> the democrats and their lap dogs in the progressive liberal media will stop at nothing to get obama re-elected. we saw what they put john mccain and other republicans through four years ago. it perhaps will get even worse in these next 60-some days. everybody needs to hang on to their hats and make sure that as
9:47 pm
long as they are doing their homework, don't believe what they hear in the mainstream media. they have been proven over and over again, 90% are in the take for obama. what they will try to portray and relay to the voters is based on falsehoods. people have to do their own homework. you know, we won't underestimate the wisdom of the people. they know what they got with president obama. that's failed policies and insolvency, the path that we are on that we don't have to repeat those mistakes. >> sean: you know, it's interesting because, you know, i kind of go back and i used term often, obama mania. paul ryan referred to this a little bit last night when he talked about the president with stirring speeches and greek columns and the thrill of something new. but in the end, doesn't it really come down to, when you put all the ads and the negativity aside, when 25 million americans are not working and 1 in 6 are in poverty and 49 million americans need food stamps, doesn't it
9:48 pm
come down to that stark reality that america we grew up happening can do better. so all the clutter is pushed aside, will voters decide on those issues? not on the attack ads, not on the attacks? >> you know what it comes down to? when you consider that 1 in 5 working-aged men cannot find a job, the greek columns and hope-y, change-y, utopian ideas that were promised and of course, not fulfilled. what it comes down to for these american who is are looking for work, what will allow the car hearts and steel-toed boots back to work? how can we re-industrialize this country and quit outsourcing so much of what we can be producing? how can we insure it's american-made industries again? we do that by not putting our faith in centralized government planners who are planning our economy and businesses and
9:49 pm
families better than we can ourselves. the path to freedom and prosperity for america runs through free men and free markets. it doesn't run through government. >> sean: what do you think of government biden's comments, unchange -- they want to put you back in chains. and the mayor of los angeles who will play a prominent role in charlotte that you can't trot out a brown face and expect that people will vote for your party or candidate. a surrogate in virginia who, played the race card. what is your reaction to that? >> that reverse racial discrim discrimination stuff. that's so bogus, too, sean. when you consider that they are say that this g.o.p. is racist, why is it that we elected susana martinez? why is it that we have such great respect for condoleezza rice and thomas sole? why we would we mia love? and so many of these minorities.
9:50 pm
the g.o.p. is a big tent. i don't care about somebody's pigment, the color of their skin. i do care about their character. i think that i can boldly state on behalf of most americans that it is about character, record, reputation, not about skin color. so for the other side to continue to play this race card tjust diminishes the point they are trying to make. we dismiss that accusation because we know-- let me ask you this to this extent, there has always been an attempt to crate a caricature of conservative who is want lower taxes and limited government. and all of these horrible things are said. could this convention go a long way to stopping that false narrative? >> ask me that again, what goes a long way to stopping the false narrative? >> sean: i am saying, could this convention go a long way to stopping the false narrative that has been advanced by not only the campaign of the
9:51 pm
president and his surrogates and members of the need news media? >> well, obviously, the convention helps. it builds enthusiasm. but we have to -- you know, beyond tonight, quit preaching to the choir. we need to talk to the independents, out there in america, the hard-core, patriotic american who is want a job, reagan democrats who are not obsessed with partisanship and are sitting in the convention halls and are just normal, average, everyday american who is just want that american exceptionalism to be part of our lives again who, want to know that our best days are in front of us. that's who we need to reach with that message on the platform of the g.o.p., that's the right place to build that exceptionalism, the prosperity, the security again. it's a plank that our platform, based on time-tested truths. they work. they are economics 101. >> sean: all right. governor, by the way, you are missing the party. thank you for being with us.
9:52 pm
we head back to the floor for a special video on the life of governor romney. >> this is the land of opportunity. i believe that if we restore the principle of opportunity and hope and give everyone a fair chance, you are going to see this country come roaring back. >> you can never predict what kind of tough digs are going to come in front of a president's desk. and if you really want to know how a person will operate, look at how they have lived their life. >> they were asking me about what's going on with, you
9:53 pm
know... with what happened with the scandal. and what my opinion is of -- if we can pull this thing off am i said, yeah, it's going to be just fine. he said, how do you know? i said, because i just met mitt romney. >> people were afraid. people were thinking something terrible could happen. after 9/11, the way we looked at these events changed drastically. the world was really watching this one. how was the united states going to respond? could they put on an olympic games? >> it was worse than i expected. i thought the salt lake turnaround was a public relations turnaround. instead, it turned out to be a financial turnaround and a governmental turnaround. >> he was not a figurehead. he was not only rubbing the show, but he was there, speaking to the people, showing them through his words and his actions what the olympics could mean to the united states.
9:54 pm
>> when i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, both of us dissolved into tears. >> probably the toughest time of my life was standing there with ann, as we hugged each and other diagnosis came. >> i was very, very ill. i don't know if people knew how sick i was. i was frightened. mitt was frightened. but i needed him desperately. >> look, i am happy in life, as long as i have my soulmate with me. >> mitt decided that he was going to honor heros throughout the country and that the torch relay was going to be all about heroes. mitt chose me as his hero. my life was in jeopardy. and i was like, as vulnerable as a person could be. and i trust mitt. i trust him with my life! >> she's gorgeous. absolutely beautiful. you know, i can't explain love. i don't know why it happens.
9:55 pm
i don't know why it endures the way it does. you know, at the very beginning, i sat with her, chatted with her, put my arm around her and something changed. >> my 16th birthday party was when mitt and i really became sort of an item. mitt helped plan it and it was just sort of the beginning of our romance. 1968, he flew into the detroit airport, right before christmas. of course, his mother's like, had her arms open and he runs right by her and grabs me. >> on the car ride home from the airport, i turned to ann and said, i feel like i have never been away. she said, i feel the same way. >> by the time we got home, we told everybody, we are getting ready -- like next week. [chuckles] >> we compromised and waited until march 21. >> sweet baby.
9:56 pm
>> my brother and i matt, fought a lot. >> three, not bad. four -- it got to be a little much. >> oh, my gosh. >> very rambunctious. >> trying to think what to do. >> and the fifth one. and craig was my most active child. he was a handful. >> craigy... hi! >> craig, don't squirt me. >> my mom was always begging for us to be quiet. please! can i have quiet in this house? >> we can bend a lot of rule, get in a lot of trouble, we can never, ever say anything bad about my father. >> i travel aid good deal early in my career. i would call ann and she might be a little exaspirated. i i would say ann, don't forget, what you are doing is more important than what i am doing. >> i hate to say it, but often, i have six sons. >> how are you? >> he was really playful. >> you know...
9:57 pm
it's like, you know... you know >> mitt would walk in the door, leave the briefcase at the door. that was it. never thought about work until he left in the morning. >> we felt like we were the most important thing in his life. >> i went to mom if i needed money because you never went to dad. he was way too cheap. >> my dad didn't have the right bulb, so he would replace it with whatever he had. it sticks out too far and would blind you, so he put tin foil and will duct tape. >> i worked from the time i was 12. i know what poverty is, i have been up through it. >> for mitt, i think he idealized his father. he really was his hero. >> in the summer, my dad used to pack up our family and take us to the great national parks. it was during those trips that i fell in love with america.
9:58 pm
dad was born in mexico. his parents and grandparents had moved to mexico. they were refugees from a revolution. i remember ann asking my dad what was the most meaningful accomplishment of your life. without hesitation, he said the greatest accomplishment of my life is having raised you four kids. like me, he fell in love young. family was everything. my dad worked for his dad. he was a drywall guy, back then he called it lavin plaster. i grew up watching my dad lead. >> look, i'm in public life today because i'm concerned about america. i am concerned about what is happening to america. >> if he felt some way about a particular issue, there was no question in your mind about how he felt. friends called him the brick. he was immoveable. he let me tag along in some very unusual settings. >> what's that in the road? [laughter] >> i didn't realize he was
9:59 pm
giving me an experience that was more helpful from a leadership standpoint than anything i learned in school. >> staples, i think, is a good example of where bain capital can support the management of an excellent company. >> mitt understood what was behind the numbers. what is behind the numbers was great people. >> mitt romney guided every employee. he made it a point to let us know that every employee was critical to staples. >> why would anybody want to save envelopes and file folders? >> mitt is a cheap son of a gun. if he can save 50 cents on paper clips, he would drive a mile to do it. >> he knows how to bring jobs back to this country. if you ask me why? because viseen him do it firsthand. >> he was dealing with the fundamental problems that companies confront in a way that allowed them to grow, to add jobs, to build factories. >> when i became governor of massachusetts, i took theil skills i had learned in


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